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We take great pride in the individuals hand picked to form & grow our organization and further DOF’s mission. Collectively, we have all experienced every phase of the harsh reality of homelessness, living “on the fringe of society”, and the frustrations of having to deal with a broken system. Each of us has a strong desire and the necessary drive & sense of urgency to address our nation’s near epidemic proportions of Homelessness. We hope you will join us in our efforts.

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Our Partners

Currently, DO Foundation is actively seeking out both private and Corporate sponsors and donors to support our mission. We invite you to view our site to familiarize yourself (and your company) with our Programs & Services. We urge you to “do a little digging” – do a bit of research {check out our “Facts” page} so you may truly get a glimpse of how devastating Homelessness is. Once you have, you may well be compelled to help do something.


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This is the first step an individual takes under the umbrella of DO Foundation (DOF) programs & services – your introduction to what we offer and how we can help. This process includes eligibility screening procedures & protocols to ensure that the appropriate referrals are made and any enrollment procedures result in individuals and/or families maximize their opportunity to receive aid and/or services that they are entitled to, or can benefit from. Intake & Assessment is designed to ensure that DOF personnel properly address an individual and their specific needs. It will also streamline the aid process, thereby eliminating redundancy and helping to alleviate an already stressful situation.


There are two types of Referrals, Immediate and Long Term. “Immediate Referrals” are those of an emergent nature, such as Emergency shelters, Medical or Mental Health, Prevention, and Drug & Alcohol addiction. “Long Term” refers to situations of a less than emergent nature, such as Transitional Housing, Outreach, Job Placement, Education & Awareness, and Financial Planning.

Based on the initial assessment, each person will work with one of our qualified Referral Agents (RA), who will contact the applicable facilities on behalf of the individual. These facilities may include, (but are not limited to): drug & alcohol clinics or rehabilitation centers, emergency shelters for immediate housing needs, medical or mental health facilities, job placement agencies and organizations, and food banks. The RA will make initial contact, then direct & guide the individual to the appropriate person within the contacted establishment.


24 hour service laundry, showers, phones, fax, computer/internet, mail (ie: mailboxes and mailing services). Access to news (ie: local tv / newspapers).


DOF’s Prevention Services address “Crisis Management”. In other words, you have a critical need, and we have an immediate solution. This program is for individuals who require immediate assistance to prevent loss of housing. Such services may include, but are not limited to: referral to organizations (such as Thaw or United Way) to help avert utility shut off, contacting a leasing office to avoid eviction. If all efforts fail, DO Foundation can, and may, provide (on a limited basis) “on the spot” emergency assistance for eviction prevention. {However, there are requirements for receiving this type of aid that will be thoroughly discussed at the time when, and if, this becomes necessary}.


Outreach (“DOF style”) tends to some of the immediate needs of a homeless individual. We accomplish this by “hitting the streets for the homeless”. Our volunteers take clothing items, DO Bags, a warm & friendly disposition and the desire to help. There is also an all access Resource Center where the homeless can come in out of the cold, make telephone calls, wash their clothes, get a hot shower, and have a bit of much needed “privacy”. Our Outreach services will also aid individuals in need of obtaining personal ID’s and/or acquiring the necessary documentation for other potential programs and/or organizations from which they can benefit.


DOF’s Transitional Housing program will help coordinate admission into supportive housing that is both affordable and appropriate for the delivery of supportive services to individuals and/or families; such as Welfare, Food Stamps, WIC and general state or federal aid.


Our Education & Awareness programs are designed to enlighten individuals on Personal Responsibility, and are centered around Prevention – not only understanding HOW you got where you are, but how to prevent future recurrence once you’ve overcome it. We also provide hands on training in financial literacy and financial planning. We will guide you through areas from basic banking, to budgeting & strategies of long term success. Our goal is to help you achieve financial responsibility and personal financial success.

When it’s raining and you don’t have an overcoat, step under the DO umbrella .. we’ll help to keep you dry!