Brian O'Neal
Brian O'NealFounder / Chairman
With profound compassion and dedication, Brian founded DO Foundation to bring about change in the lives of the Homeless. His passion for our cause is paralleled only by his drive in his artistic creativity heard in his music. His philanthropic vision, combined with his desire to affect change, propels us forward in our mission. His heart is 24karat.
Nicole Lancaster
Nicole Lancaster Board of Directors, Capital Campaign Chairperson
Nicole brings an extensive background in Public Relations & Marketing. As a business owner, she understands that collaboration is crucial to the coalition building necessary for sustaining DO Foundation’s mission for alleviating, and ultimately ending, homelessness.
Paul Huges
Paul HugesBoard of Directors / Attorney at Law
As a seasoned attorney-at-law practicing in Detroit, MI, Paul has a unparalleled sense of Justice. His deep sense of Humanity propelled him into community service and his benevolence is a cornerstone of our foundation.
Romel Alexander
Romel Alexander Board of Directors / Law Enforcement
Romel has a deep sense of right & wrong, which has served him well in his career with the Detroit Police Department. His principles and faith carry genuine value and contribute greatly to carrying out our mission.
David Underwood
David UnderwoodBoard of Directors / Real Estate
Dave’s business acumen and easy communication style culminate in a personable & professional manner. He brings comprehensive experience in Real Estate & Mortgage banking which helps drive our organization’s property acquisitions and increase our portfolio.

Staff &  Volunteers

Alise Phipps
Alise PhippsExecutive Director
With more than 20 years business and accounting management experience, Alise keeps her trained eye of DO Foundation’s financial health and well-being. Attention to detail, internal control, transparency and fiscal responsibility fall under her capable purview.
Edd Thompson
Edd ThompsonTransportation/Operations Support (Volunteer)
Edd has a passion to help, whenever, wherever needed. Whether he is providing transportation to & from our offices or greeting them at the door, his easygoing manner puts our clients at ease while performing his duties. Edd’s benevolent nature and actions are most appreciated and valued in our organization.
Judy Kilgore
Judy KilgoreFront Office/Admin Support (Volunteer)
Judy greets and serves our clientele with an amazing friendliness and a “can DO” attitude. Her eagerness to help those in need is readily apparent by all she encounters, and her dedication is admirable. She is always ready to go the extra mile.
Sara Weertz
Sara WeertzGrant Writer (Volunteer)
Sara exemplifies a lifelong commitment of giving back. She has 15+ yrs experience in Grant Writing within the Higher Ed industry and has superb Technical Writing abilities. Sara has a passion for helping those less fortunate and earnestly applying her expertise to promote our organization’s continued success.
Evan Sudomier
Evan SudomierAccounting (Volunteer)
Evan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Wayne State University. His compassion is exhibited by way of donating his time to helping children with reading disabilities. His enthusiasm, charitable spirit and easy going manner benefit DOF in immeasurable ways.
Lauren Morris
Lauren MorrisFundraising & P/R (Volunteer)
With a Master’s degree in Public Relations & Marketing from Michigan State University, Lauren brings an abundance of compassion & drive to DOF. Her 8+ yrs experience in Fundraising and Donor Management add great value and insight to our development programs & successes. Lauren has a unique and valuable skill set developed over years of training and involvement with alumni associations & charitable programs. Her creativity and drive help propel our success.
Sharon Donelow
Sharon DonelowCase Worker/Admin Support (Volunteer)
Sharon’s thoughtful and caring manner is exhibited through her eagerness to see our organization flourish. She has a strong sense of community and applies her multiple talents to seeing that our clients progress and succeed through our programs. Her caring nature is abundantly applied to, and appreciated by, everyone who walks through our doors.
Jennifer Senyk
Jennifer SenykOperations/Admin Support (Volunteer)
Jennifer is an outspoken advocate and staunch supporter of DO Foundation. She eagerly assists in fundraising and general operations. Jennifer is ever at the ready to lend support wherever needed.
Wendy Bennett
Wendy BennettConsultant / Support

Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

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